Car Steering Wheel Lock with Alarm, Anti Theft T-lock Bar Security & Safety Car

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Nearly 3,000 vehicles are reported stolen each day in the US.

Is robbed along with the automobile the event to increase unceasingly, the car security has become the society to urgently need the solution now the question.

The police suggested that the best anti-theft measures is to use the vehicle steering wheel lock.

Use our steering wheel car lock to eliminate vehicle theft!



  • The steering wheel lock is ONLY effective when the steering wheel crosses in three directions. And make sure that the width of the three-position steering wheel is ≤7cm. Otherwise it is not suitable for your car
  • The steering wheel alarm lock has been used for a long time. If the alarm is weak, replace the battery


CONFIGURE ALARM SYSTEM: After locking, the function starts in 8s, and the red light of the alarm lock flashes, when there is a slight shake, alarm lock will continue to emit 25s 130 db alarm sound

THREE-DIRECTION LOCKING: The thief must cut off the left right and below sides of the steering wheel at the same time, then he could remove the lock, according to the test, it takes 45 minutes to cut three bars, and most thieves usually give up in 5 minutes without opening the lock

SOLID STEEL BAR: Heat-treated steel bar, improve the hardness of steel, wear-resisting, strong and durable, prevent cutting saw, prevent beat, rust prevention, crack prevention

UNIQUE MULTI-SEGMENT DESIGN: The lock adopts the sawtooth design, scalable and flexible, suitable for more than 99% of the steering wheel, push it hard can be locked, no need key to operation

T-LOCK: The lock on the steering wheel three forks, lock handle clamp the car body, the steering wheel can not rotate, security anti-theft, greatly improve anti-theft performance.The length of the steering wheel alarm lock is: 39-45cm (after extension) / 15.5inch-17.7inch.If the steering wheel size is too small, looseness is normal. If the lock is too tight on the steering wheel that will damage the steering wheel. So please check the size before purchasing.



    • 1x Steering Wheel Alarm Lock
    • 2x Keys