4 In 1 Digital Soil Ph Tester, Moisture Meter, Temperature & Sunlight Intensity, Best Soil Acidity Tester Kit

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It’s impossible to tell if the soil is healthy just by looking at it, you have to use some type of soil testing.

If you struggle to grow strong, healthy vegetables and flowers in your garden, then there’s probably something wrong with your soil

Correct ph reading is very essential to achieve optimum result , Crops such as vegetable, flowers & shrubs, trees & fruits are pH dependent and rely on the soil solution to obtain nutrients.

Knowing the nutrients levels in your soil is to determine what you need to add to your soil maximize the growth of your plats.

That's why our 4 in 1 soil ph tester is the best solution for you:


4 IN 1 FUNCTION: With the help from our 4 in 1 soil tester, you can measure soil moisture, pH, temperature and sunlight intensity of plants to help you take better care of flowers and plants.

ACCUARTE AND DURABILITY: 2021 Upgraded needle detection technology strongly enhances the speed and accuracy of detecting. Help you specialize in planting.

LARGE LCD DISPLAY & BACKLIGHT: With a large LCD screen to easily display a variety of readings, and a green backlight allows you to read parameters in dark conditions.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Both indoor and outdoor can be used. The plant measuring instrument designed with light weight can be used for your garden, farm, potted plants, succulent plants, etc. The upgraded 8 inch probe can also be used for your large potted plants.

EASY TO USE: With small size, easy to use and carry. Just simply plug the probe into the soil about 4 inches, wait 5 seconds to read intuitive data. Remove probe from the soil and wipe it clean after using.(Does not include battery)


  • Step 1: Switch to wet/temperature/light or pH/light positions as required.
  • Step 2: Insert probe into approximately 2-4 inches of soil.
  • Step 3: Check the humidity /pH/ light/temperature level in the dial after 3 seconds.
  • Step 4: Remove the probe from the soil and wipe it clean after each use.


  1. Don't use it to test liquids. (Used to test soil only)
  2. Install the battery and remove the probe cap before use (9V battery is required)
  3. After using it for a period of time, the screen will only show the green screen instead of the number. That means the battery is dead (There is no need to worry about damage to the instrument,
  4. Just replace it with a new battery.)
  5. For more accuracy, when the soil is too dry, wet it first and then test it.
  6. If the soil is too dry and fertile, sprinkle with water and test again half an hour later.



  • 1 x Soil meter