200pcs Effervescent Tablets Car Windshield Glass Washer

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One piece of this product can be filled with a box of water, and one piece of 4L glass water can effectively remove oil film, shellac, dust and dirt on the surface of the glass. It is clean and has no residue. At the same time, it has anti-aging function for the wiper strip, maintaining the flexibility of the rubber strip and prolonging the service life. This product can also be used (to clean the car body without any damage to the paint on the surface of the car body


  • Name: Concentrated wiper essence effervescent tablet
  • Capacity: 1 piece of top 4L glass water
  • Single weight: 3.5g
  • Outer box into the number: 200pcs


When using the replenisher, shake the product and add it directly to the water storage box of the car glass water. When used for direct cleaning, shake the product well, apply the product to the surface of the object to be cleaned, and wipe it off with a dry towel.


This product is used for daily cleaning of automobile windshields (windshields, rear view mirrors and interior mirrors) and various glass products. In addition to dust, car glass includes insects, sludge, asphalt, salt, tree sticks, fingerprints, oil fume, plastic volatiles and so on.

When washing the car, the glass is difficult to clean, and there is a special glass film attached to the surface of the car glass. Many cleaners can damage the glass film. The special formula of anti-insect glass water can effectively and clean the glass Kind of dirt, leaving no water marks, easy to use.


This product should be stored in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children,
Scope of application: suitable for above zero degrees Celsius.