Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge, Car Paint Thickness Tester

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Our new Automotive Paint Meter is the fastest automotive paint gauge on the market today, used to instantly measure paint thickness and provide an indication of the overall condition of paint work.

With instant material recognition, this Paint Tester switches between steel and aluminium panels and is ideal for use in all weather conditions.

This Automotive Paint Gauge allows the user to quickly identify vehicle’s damage not reported in public or commercial condition reports including:

  • Hidden Rework
  • Vehicle Impact Damage
  • Vehicle Respray
  • Filled Body Panels


AUTO READS STEEL, ZINC & ALUMINUM: Coating Paint thickness gauge Designed with dual technology, the non-destructive Coating Thickness Tester takes the guess work out of testing surface coatings by providing automatic recognition for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

A USEFUL PAINT MIL THICKNESS FOR MANY APPLICATIONS: Ideal for checking the car painting thickness checker, like used cars paint, anodized aluminum, bathroom fittings, bike frames, stadium seats, outdoor sheds, cabinets.

AUTOMOTIVE PERFORM ON USED CAR DEALING BUSINESS, SAVE MONEY: Sometimes body shops do a great job hiding visually everything that couldn’t tell us that the car was involved in a heavy crash. Checking car paint to make sure each panel has about the same thickness of paint on it when buying used cars.

EASY TO READ DISPLAY: Paint depth thickness gauge with the large Screen display shows metal type, working mode, number, battery status, and readings either in µm or mils units.


  • F/NF +zinc modes (Auto Read)
  • Fast reading
  • Zero calibration & Multi-points Calibration
  • Metric/imperial unit
  • Single & Continuous measurement
  • User friendly

Automatic substrate detection with extra Zinc Option

nFe: Non-Ferrous (non-magnetic metal) substrate

Fe: Ferrous (magnetic metal) substrate

Fe+Zn (Zinc Option):

The Fe means the substrate type is Ferrous (Magnetic metal).

The Zn means:

1- The Paint / Coating type is Metallic Non-magnetic

2- The Paint / Coating type is Non-metallic, BUT there is a layer of Zinc ( or any Metallic Non-magnetic layer) between the paint and the substrate such as cars with zinc galvanized body.


Can it tell how thick is chromes on the irons parts?
Yes, it's detecting thickness of coating is 0-59mil on metal substrates

Will it work on the coating thickness on a plastic car bumper?
No, it just work on the coating on metal like aluminum,copper,ferrous etc

Does this work to measure paint thickness on aluminum painted panels?
Yes, This machine can read coating thickness for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, including Aluminum painted panels.